The epic metal concept returns this time with Return To Eden, an album that is sure to enchant many old listeners alongside newer fans.

“Enlighten,” is a sharp and crisp piano intro that takes things one way and then another, slowly building up into the finale. “Promises,” is a shredding master piece, taking the time to grow and build, before moving into absolutely bombastic territory. The listener is fully engaged in the atmosphere and the melodies. “Return To Eden,” the title track is bombastic and operatic. A song that ventures out into the open and produces something of marvel. “Hear My Call,” another song that ventures out into the open with some seriously fascinating changes and shifts. “Now and Forever.” takes a hard turn and produces something sharp and endearing. “Miles Away,” is a haunting number that really allows the melodies to shine.

“Limits,” is fast moving and a rocker without time or space to change. “We Are The Ones,” a slow moving song that gradually picks up the pace and delivers something searing and ecletic. “Godsend,” an absolute ripper of a song that travels through the melodies and the time continuum to produce something simply epic. “Give Me Hope,” snarls and shreds through the epicness of the vocal lines, producing something truly magical. “Wasted Dreams,” another song that veers onto the path of complete control. “Guiding Star,” shreds the house down, producing a fascinating and fabulous performance.

The album is out on 14th June via Frontiers Music.