‘Heatwave’ by Thundermother


  • Guernica Mancini / Vocals

  • Filippa Nassil / Guitar

  • Majsan Lindberg / Bass

  • Emlee Johansson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Loud and Alive

  • Dog From Hell

  • Back In ’76

  • Into The Mud

  • Heat Wave

  • Sleep

  • Driving In Style

  • Free Ourselves

  • Mexico

  • Purple Sky

  • Ghosts

  • Somebody Love

  • Bad Habits

“Loud and Alive,”is the right way to start this album. Fast, energetic and furious. The riffs are all there, the push to maximise the creed is there as well. A swaggering start.

“Dog From Hell,” slowly moves through the gears, eventually pushing through the turning of the tide and smashing everything in its path.

“Back In 76,” is a call to arms, and a welcoming one at that.

“Into The Mud,” is a swaggering riff fest, one that is sure to get people grooving.

“Heatwave,” the title track of the album is a swagger fest. Starting off with that riff, and moving into the call and response vocal lines that push things to their limit.

“Sleep,” a song that slowly works itself into overtime by pushing through.

“Driving In Style,” amps the pressure back up, riffing through the sonic oversight.

“Free Ourselves,” has an impressive opening lick and keeps that impressiveness up as things progress towards domination.

“Mexico,” a swaggering bluesy number.

“Purple Sky,” slams hard. A song that bounces around and pushes the listener to their limit whilst also willing them to go further.

“Ghosts,” another song that slams.

“Somebody Love Me,” a fast moving riffer of a song that captures the spirit of the band.

“Bad Habits,” finishes the album off in style, a hard riffer of a song.

Get this absolute groover when it is released on 31st July via AFM Records.