‘The Helm Of Awe’ by Thrust


  • Eric Claro / Vocals

  • Ron Cooke / Guitar

  • Angel Rodriguez / Guitar

  • Ray Gervais / Bass

  • Joe Rezendes / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Black River

  • Blood In The Sky

  • Purgatory Gates

  • Still Alive

  • Killing Bridge

  • Battle Flag

  • Ghost In Me

  • The Traveler

  • Crucifixion

  • Helm Of Awe

Thrust,the heavy metal legends return with a brand spanking new album entitled the The Helm Of Awe.  It is a serious undertaking and one that will truly push boundaries.

“Black River,” is an epic opener. From the very first notes, it hits hard and delivers a sense of serene purpose. There is an intensity to the song that just isn’t captured anywhere else and it is truly spectacular. What follows is a descent into something special.

Songs such as “Blood In The Sky,” and “Purgatory Gates,” get the blood pumping and jaws dropping, such is the technical excellency on display. Whilst songs such as “Killing Bridge,” and “Battle Flag,” deliver the listener into the hands of the Gods.

As the album progresses, you can hear the band’s progression into an all out juggernaut, and this is evident on the final third. “The Traveler,” bleeds into “Crucifixion,” and finishes up nicely with “Helm of Awe,” all of which are simply epic songs designed to get people moving.

The album is out on October 30th.