“The Order,” a chaotic and harmonised drilled piece of work, which builds the atmosphere in nicely for what is to come. “Prisoner of Disaster,” comes roaring into life. Snarling and biting as the guitars chomp away, the vocals are fierce and bitter. “Apocalypse…Prepare Yourself to Die,” filled with fast riffs, and a biting growling vocal line, is thrash metal at its best.

“Mafia Demonz,” barrels into life, the riffs are fierce and the vocals are snarling and gritty. The song is one that will most definitely bring about some fierce competition when performed live. “T.T.N.S,” another classic thrash metal song that gets the headbanging going strong. It diverges, shifts and changes with the times and ensures the listener is compelled to go forward. “Live To Kill,” bitingly produced, roaring into life with a simple snarling fist punch to the gut. “The Headquarter,” begins with a jangling and cold opening lick, before moving into overdrive. Harmonies galore and the vocals capture that spirit of liquid sanguinity perfectly.

Prisoner of Disaster is out on October 26th.