‘Empires In The Sun’ by Thorium


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Dreams of Empire/ Exquisite,” batters through the doors. It swerves and sings out into the light. A song that of energy and passion, it rips through the turnstiles, ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. The vocals are powerful and colourful, the melodies soar and the song is tight.

“Where Do We Go,” soars on the height of a dream, turning through a slight turnpike to produce something intriguing and graceful. It slams down hard and twists the breaks into high gear.

“Empires In The Sun,” rips through a subtleties of time. Delivering something bombastic, powerful and thoroughly demented. It is a song for the ages.

“Winterfall,” haunts the peripheries, turning them inside and out. Wiping out the decadent sources of temperature and hinting at a lever to be pulled within the course of time.

“The Minstrel Part I,” slowly tips the scales toward something dark and intriguing. A song that truly hints at the hauter lurking underneath.

“The Golden Shadow,” follows that up with the mother of all riffs. A song that turns through the clouds and hits out at everything and anything in sight. A purely majestic song that turns everything up. What a way to finish.

The album is out now.