‘A Solitary Plan’ by Thomas V Jager


  • Thomas V Jager /  Vocals


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • A Solitary Plan

  • Creature Of The Deep

  • It’s Alright

  • From The Ashes

  • The Drone

  • Goodbye

  • The Bitter End

Delayed due to Covid, A Solitary Plan is an absolutely phenomenal album.

“A Solitary Plan,”kicks proceedings off with a haunting acoustic melody that intersperses with some subtle shifts and texture changes. The vocals are haunting.

“Creature Of The Deep,” shimmers and shivers through. The acoustic guitar turns the song into something else entirely.

“IT’s Alright,” is haunting and reminiscent of many of the road working soundtracks of years gone by, that is to say it’s phenomenal.

“From The Ashes,” slowly works things into being, pushing boundaries through shifting the tempo of several key components.

“The Drone,” gets darker and heavier, with the electric guitar adding a very nice touch to proceedings.

“Goodbye,” is heartfelt and soulful.

“The Bitter End,” is simply phenomenal, a song that impresses upon the listener the need for thoughtful deliberations with those who are suffering.

The album is out on July 24th. Do yourself a favour and get it!