’30 Years Itch’ by The Wildhearts


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Dislocated,” kicks off proceedings with a sheer rage and a soaring riff. The band are on fire, producing some seriously good content. “Everlone,” turns the screws through, kicking the doors down and then smashing the keys out the front door. “The Jackson Whites,” gets everyone going. The band are pumped, the crowd are energised and the listener is smashing the doors down. What a way to get things going for everyone. “Vanilla Radio,” smashes everything into space, brimming with radiant energy and rage.

“Sick Of Drugs,” rolls in and out, delivering some intriguing possibilities. “The Revolution Wil Be Televised,” goes off on one. A song that is perfectly fitting for these dark and rather shitty times. “Love U Till I Don’t,” smacks down hard, brimming with frenetic energy and rage. “I Wanna Go Where The People Go,” hits a new spot, turning through the turnstiles and the ways of the world.

The album is out on 4th December.