‘When Everything Is Over Pt 1’ by The Victim


  • The Victim / Vocals and Guitar


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Wolf and Sheep

  • Closure

  • Love Is Just A Stranger

  • Someone Else

  • Go With Your Heart Open

“Wolf and Sheep,”kicks off this E.P. by The Victim in an interesting manner. Haunting melodies filter through as the vocals slowly weave a tapestry for the listener to put their emotions onto. It’s painting by big bold numbers.

“Closure,” sees the acoustic guitar come into being, and interestingly there’s a similar pattern to the opener that lends a certain continuity to proceedings.


“Love Is Just A Stranger,” brings together the big picture melodies whilst also weaving together the same old worn patterns to make this song stand out as a possible live favourite.

“Someone Else,” slows things down and gets thoughtful and a tad sentimental. Allowing for the listener to think through everything they want.

“Big Picture Melodies”

“Go With Your Heart Open,” delivers a fitting finale for this E.P. and is sure to bring about some golden memories when performed live.

If you’re a fan, get this album on 28th February via Target Records