‘Storm Warning’ by The Veith Ricardo Project


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Running Away,” kicks things off, with an interesting series of melodies. They’re layered together in a sense to capture the emotions and parallels of the human experience. As they run through the discordant processes of the mind, the band really capture something special.

“Storm Warning,” kicks things into overdrive. There’s a subtle hint of insanity before it moves into textured rollers and pinpointed destruction. A fitting style for the title.

“Eruption Corruption,” unleashes something fascinating and intriguing. It switches through the whirlwind and unwinds to produce something seriously continuous.

“Longing For Home,” slows things down and makes the world stop and think for a moment. Considering all that has changed and all that has remained the same.

“Always,” shifts gears toward something new and hopeful. It delivers something refreshing and the melodied harmonies are a refreshing touch.

“I Still Love You,” gets a ballad into gear.

The album is out on February 26th.