‘Guardians Of The Void’ by The Three Tremors


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Bone Breaker,” is an aptly opening track. Crunching riffs, thunderous vocals and a roaring chorus really gets things going.

“Kryptonian Steel,” shimmers and shifts through the tide, unleashing verges of chaos and dinting light.

“I Can’t Be Stopped,” gallops through, turning the tide and unleashing several parables of time and hell.

“Operation Neptune’s Spear,” shimmers and then unleashes all hell. The vocals are piercing and thunderous.

“Catastrophe,” runs the gamut. A riff sandwich that really captures the imagination.

“The Fall Of Rome,” is gargantum in its epicness. Narrating something that has captured the imagination through all time, allowing Ripper, Conklin and Sean, to unleash all hell.

A fantastic album that is out on 5th November via Steel Cartel.