“Sphere,” comes into being with the fuzz and the chaos. It slowly filters out into a wider construct, that brings together some fascinating changes here and there. “Deep,” a song that lures the listener in, and then unleashes the torrents. “Distance,” brings about the sonic fuzz to bring together differing parts of the band’s chemistry. It is a sonic privilege to listen to this song. “Doubt,” gets darker and more melodic, as the fuses light into something new and refreshing. “Payback Time,” has the edge of anger to it, unleashing a chaotic field. “Sad Flowers,” unhooks with the piano melody shifting the changing fortress together and allowing the world to grow and change. “Scorpions and Snakes,” goes heavy. Bringing together differing elements and parts.

“Deception,” takes a trickier tone with the edge shifting throughout. There’s a sense that something might be missing from proceedings, but what that might be is never quite clear. ” R├╝cksichtslos,” begins with the siren flow, and from there, well the tone is set. “Sadness,” sets the tone and the tempo, allowing for a gradual shifting of priorities and the funding of the complexion. “Rock Heart,” is a melodic ballad, that makes the listener reflect on past mistakes and past hopes. “Rain,” a song that veers one way and then another, shifting the tone, bringing out the tensions and the light. “Watchtower,” is heavy and groaning through, finishing off strong.