“The Serpent,” is a pulsating glorious rocker, with some soaring vocals thrown in with the glorious rock and roll riffage. “Far Beyond,” a reflective song, that would go down well in a glorious epic movie. “Edge of Time,” a call and response song, featuring the best of seventies rock n’ roll riffage. “Shadow Man,” slow and thoughtful, bringing with it some interesting perspectives like as not going to turn the distance when performed live.

“Finnish Woods,” adds in a nice little bit of dramatisation, with the bass line adding some seriously crunchy and powerful elements, before the full band takes the stage by storm. “Fortune Teller,” has that powerful vocal opening, spine chilling, hair raising. Simply incredible. “I Remember,” is a thoughtful bluesy number that explores the complexity of the human spirit. “Leap Of Faith,” is outright rock and roll, storming to the conclusion and meshing through. “Sweet Child,” is another fitting closer.

The album is out on 1st March via The Sign Records.