‘Brave Tin World’ by The Murder Of My Sweet


  • Angelica Rylin / Vocals

  • Christopher Vetter / Guitar

  • Patrik Janson / Bass

  • Daniel Flores / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Tin Soldiers

  • My Religion

  • Head Of The Snake

  • Reasons To Live

  • Safe In The Shadows

  • Hit The Ground

  • Everyone Wins

  • Memento

  • Keeper Of The Flame

  • Worth Fighting For

  • Alchemy of Sins

“Tin Soldiers,” is a strong opener. The keys lend weight and gravitas to proceedings. The vocals come in quite strong, and add another dimension to the song, bringing the proceedings to quite the climax as the song progresses.

“My Religion,” is a monster of a song. It soars through, it shifts the tenor of things and really brings the band to the fore of their game.

“Head of the Snake,” grapples with the realities of the world compared with what we’re promised. It is a snarling monster that truly exceeds expectations.

“Reasons To Live,” gets reflective. The symphonic elements combine with the acoustic melodies to add a darker layer to things as the vocals soar within the range and beyond.

“Safe in the Shadows,” is downright terrifying and haunting. Vocalist Angelica Rylin is brilliant on this song displaying a whole depth of emotions.

“Hit The Ground,” is a symphonic masterpiece, going up and down the spectrum to the heart’s content.

“Everyone Wins,” is a gambling and delirious song. It shifts through the ground, breaks new worlds into being and delivers a shattering embrace.

“Memento,” takes a softer edge for things, and brings it all together. This is a song that will get the crowds going when played live. #

“Keeper Of The Flame,” mixes the genres together. One moment symphonic, the next moment it is completely heavy and cinematic. This makes it an absolute gem.

“Worth Fighting For,” fuses the elements together once more, to produce a song that is so catchy it should be illegal.

“Alchemy of Sins,” slows things down and adds an extra layer of epicness to proceedings.

The album is out on 6th December via Frontiers Music.