“Bug Splat,” is a weird one. It has a monitor going off in the background as its opening, and slowly filters through into a bit of a darkened growl. “I am Oblivion,” is filled with haunting melodies and a darkened edge that lends itself very well to the fortunes of the world and their chaotic nature. “I’m Running Out Of Time.” is a thunderous riff orgy that brings together some fascinating elements to the core. The vocals are biting. “Black Is Black and White is White,” is haunting, a determined dirge that swings and moves this way and that. “Cockroach Marionettes,” filters through with a battering ram, taking its turn to deliver a seriously gnarly filter. “I Stood Tiptoe, Reaching Up For Heaven,” is sarcastic and downright weird filtering through with humour and horror all in one go.

“Like Blood Shaped Flakes Of Snow,” filters its way out, twisting and turning through the narrowed edges of time, and bringing with it some interesting melodies. “The Broken Wings Of Hud Hud,” is sarcastic and biting. A song that takes no prisoners and ensures that the listeners are hooked on the melodies handed out with steam. “Funeral Drums,” is psychedelic, twisting and turning through the lines of the winter storm. “Recollections,” is a haunting acoustic number that has balls of steel. “Souvenir of Death,” takes not shit and gallops through the festering wounds.

The album is out on June 21st via Godreah Records.