THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS ‘I Can’t Talk to You’, video, out now

Rising Brit crossover trio THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS kick on with an explosive new single, I Can’t Talk to You, out now. Watch the video, here – . The cut is lifted from the band’s breath-taking new EP, Asinine Music for the Solemn and Staid, out on Friday 14th May.

Formed in Reading, THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS have been delivering their tantalising blend of groove-heavy riffs, melded with funk and rock since their inception five years ago. Taking from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Skunk Anansie, through to Korn and Rage Against The Machine, THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS convey a sound that is soaked in groove and bursting with limitless energy.

Live shows with the likes of (Hed) P.E, Electric 6, DJ Lethal, Senser, 808 State, Hacktivist, Skindred and Crazy Town has only aided to strengthen the band’s sound and stage presence and increased their fanbase. So far, THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS have successfully released two EPs, which picked an array of radio airplay and reviews, including great acclaim from Kerrang! And in 2019, the band also dropped their first full album, Antiquity, which included an accompanying full animated story.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the threesome began work on their incoming EP entitled Asinine Music for the Solemn and Staid. The record was self-mastered and self-produced across the band’s own individual studios and the result is a superb five track EP featuring collaborations with Jahred Gomes from (Hed) P.E and Georgi Valentine from Mother Vulture. Vocalist Matt Dune comments about the record: “Born out of the flames of 2020, when the world as we knew it changed, this record tackles face first the feelings of despair and anger we all have been feeling this past year. It pulls in a more aggressive sound, producing anthems of anger with each song giving you a different message to unite in our anguish together.”

Track listing: 1. Something’s Gonna Break; 2. War Cry (feat. Georgi Valentine); 3. Not Today (feat. Jahred Gomes);

  1. All Figured Out; 5. I Can’t Talk to You.