The Agonist

“In Vertigo,” begins as a haunting sign, that soon flickers into being, driving the day with a rageathon and a smash and grab that turns things into something completely new and complex. “As One We Survive,” roars its way to the top, bringing a classic twisting narrative to the fore. “The Gift of Silence,” swagger, swirling shifting tenor busting song that produces something quite fascinating. “Blood as My Guide,” takes the world through the finite edges, and then breaks everything. “Mr Cold,” slowly shifts the turning wind into something new and quite frankly terrifying.

“Dust To Dust,” is a riff machine. A song that produces so many riffs, it’s hard to not want to start a drinking contest to it. Swaggering through with a blinding control that ensures the vocals emerge as the most prolific of the whole lot. “A Devil Made Me Do It,” snaps and clacks through, twisting the shrines into something quite incomprehensible. “The Killing I,” breaks the bones of the world, and shifts the tenor into a new direction completely. “Orphans,” bites the dust, and snaps the listener into something completely whole and different. “Burn It All Down,” gallops with intensity and ferocity, smashing down the walls, and finishing on a high note.

The album is out via Rodeostar Records.