Technical Damage Artwork.jpg

“Everything Is Forever,” comes in with a nice little fade, slowly building into the tempestuous storm that is promised by such a name. “Reflections,” keeps things heavy snarling like a monster out of hell. “Reshape,” another song that brings the thunder, pulsating grooves, and a snarling melody. “Crystal Angels,” snarls, mixing two elements together snarling and biting the twists and tones.

“Awakenings,” a song that comes in with a pulsating pitch, and twists and turns throughout the corners, inviting the listener to consider multiple melodical choices. “Eviscerate,” a song that bites, snarls and chomps with equal freneticism, ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. The acoustic guitar melodies are a fantastic touch. “The Introspect,” biting, snarling and damaging the listener’s ear buds, is a fantastic way to finish things up.

The Introspect is out now.