“True Colours,” starts off with a fascinating little sliding riff, that takes things up a notch as the song progresses. It weaves in and out, producing some seriously brilliant melodies and fret work. “Sweet Oblivion,” follows a similar pattern, taking things up another notch, and ensuring that the vocals really stand out. “Behind Your Eyes,” is a thumping classic already, taking things off the charts, ensuring that the listener knows just where things are going. “Hide Away,” hauntingly epic. “My Last Story,” a shimmering glint of light within the darkness of the melodies, that weaves itself this way and that, producing a performance of grandness.

“A Recess From My Fate,” snarls in and out of the line, producing some of the most fantastic line work this reviewer has ever seen. “Transition,” takes charge in some manner, shifting the tone and producing a fascinating collection of elements. “Disconnect,” is haunting and ethereal. “The Deceiver,” pumps blood into the system and keeps it going with some seriously fast fret work and brilliant shifting tones. “Seek The Light,” works the machine.

The album is out on 14th June via Frontiers Music.