“Eulogue,” starts off with solid piano work, and a nice interplay with the acoustic guitar, the melodies are discordant and harsh, just the right fit for what is about to come. “Blues Funeral,” a song that jives with the chaotic urges in metal whilst also combining with the free flowing mentality of blues classics. A sharp shooter for sure. “Horror Infernal,” leads with some fascinating melodies, dancing along the pathways toward sharp shoots and impressive roaring vocals. “Suicide of A Chiromantist,” brings with it some interesting little melodies, shifting into gear with snarling vocals biting at the edge. “Purpose,” a song that veers from one extreme to the other. All whilst keeping the same overall melody and tone.

“Resonanz,” has some seriously sharp melodies and a driving purpose that helps ensure that the listener is hooked from the get. “Antitecture,” grooves, slowly moving from the beginning whilst also shifting the tempo with burning melodies and an interesting little filter. “Lucid Sin,” led by the organ from the beginning, followed by the sharpness of the acoustic guitar, fading in and out. An interesting song that is fitting considering the title. “Stratus,” is mad, filtering its way through into the listener’s subconscious, bringing the hard work and the gain, a fitting closer.

In Lucid is an absolutely brilliant album, a gem within the rough. Be sure to get it when you can.