sawyer path album cover.jpg

“Reborn,” is eclectic and dances through various plains, taking it’s time to shimmer on through. “Rise From The Ashes,” gallops and delivers a thunderous performance. “Blind,” rocks the house down, delivering a knock out performance and keeping things real. “Through The Lies,” turns and twists, and smashes down boundaries with relentless riffage. “Every Little Thing,” takes a montage and makes it hole again, before producing something fascinating.

“Crawl,” rocks the shit out of the listener, with huge riffs and a defiant personality. “Toxic Temptation,” takes things in a new direction, bringing the thunder and delivering a sharp knock to the face of the listener. “My Medication,” shifts and turns, growling at speed before producing something interesting. “Running Out Of Time,” makes the whole thing rise and fall on a penchant.

The album is out now.