‘Play That Rock And Roll’ by Supersuckers


  • Eddie Spaghetti / Vocals and Bass

  • Chris Von Streicher / Drums and Vocals

  • Marty Chandler / Guitar and Vocals


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Ain’t Gonna Stop

  • Gettin Into Each Other’s Pants

  • Deceptive Expectations

  • You Ain’t The Boss Of Me

  • Bringin’ It Back

  • Play That Rock N’ Roll

  • That’s A Thing

  • Last Time Again

  • Die Alone

  • Dead Jail Or Rock N Roll

  • A Certain Girl

  • Ain’t No Day Like Yesterday

“Ain’t Gonna Stop,” thunders into being. A distorted racket that really pumps up the guns.

“Gettin Into Each Other’s Pants,” slows the jive down and delivers a highly entertaining movement.

“Deceptive Expectations,” slowly works through and delivers a brilliant reception on the back of the groove.

“You Ain’t The Boss Of Me,” gallops along like an absolute monster.

“Bringin’ It Back,” takes the time to really go through and push the pedal to the meddle.

“Play That Rock N Roll,” slowly slithers through and delves into the abyss.

“That’s A Thing,” snakes around the ground and slowly shifts the shimmering pressure cooker through.

“Last Time Again,” rocks the boat and delivers a fascinating take on the shifting temperatures in the room.

“Die Alone,” thunders through and smacks hard.

“Dead Jail Or Rock N Roll,” snarls through and brings the hard times forward.

“A Certain Girl,” rolls with the punches.

“Ain’t No Day Like Yesterday,” filters through and approaches things from a novel angle.

The album is out on February 7th via Steamhammer/SPV Records.