‘Equilibria,’ by Sunrise


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Wings Of The Dreamer,” soars. It tears into established convention and rips through into the unknown. A song that really sets the scene for what is to come. True and proper power metal.

“We Are The Fire,” soars and gallops turning through the past. It brings out some intriguing melodies and thoughtful procedures that really hit at the core of what is and isn’t there.

“Call My Name,” slows things down, haunting the periphery, and turning through the lines of time and space.

“Life Is A Journey,” picks up the pace significantly. Hitting the whirlwind of time and demolishing all constructs that exist therein. A world of passion and growth.

“The Bridge Across Infinity,” moves within the proper spheres before hinting at a subtle cause and chaos. A song that wraps the world in flourishes and subtle tones.

“The Bell,” brings a more reflective edge to proceedings. Hinting at a world of darkness and chaos, whilst floating through the air of time.

“Rebel Yell,” roars into the darkness. A song that finishes things off on a high note.

The album is out on May 25th.