‘Eisheilige Nacht – Back to Lindenpark; by Subway to Sally


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Messias,” is a raucous opener. A song that lets rip and never stops.

“Unsterblich” turns up the fuzz, running through the gamut and smashing down boundaries.

“Dein Anblick,” takes a sharp turn, twisting through the catacombs of time and space, leveraging some intriguing processes.

“Das Elfte Gebot,” is intriguing. A song that takes a turn here and there, producing whirlwinds.

“Kalte Winde,” is anthemic.

“Henkersbraut,” runs through the gamut, shimmering and twisting. Turning and leveraging cornucopia.

“Tanz auf dem vulkan,” runs through, a song with a soft blade and a heavy edge. A real rocker.

“Island,” shimmers and shicks, turning through the catacombs of time and space.

“Arme ellen schmit,” gallops and thuds. Turning the porcupine inside and out.

“Sie tanzt allein,” rummages and shimmers, bringing an intriguing switch and turn through.

“Veitstanz,” is a shimmering light of darkness.

“Alles was das herz will,” is a riffer, and absolute riffer.

“Ausgetraumt,” rummages through, smashing down the doors of the decade.

“Julia und die rauber,” finishes things off with passion and power.

The album is out on 18th June via Napalm Records.