Stevie D & Corey Glover - Torn From The Pages a...

Corey Glover of Living Colour fame joins forces with the maestro Stevie D to release an album of absolute gems.

“Your Time Has Run Out,” is filled with drive and precision that keeps the listener hooked as the vocals soar in and around them. “Wake Up Call,” takes a moment to get going, but with the emphatic riff driving at the fore, it keeps the listener hooked once more, the vocals are filled with class. “Final Resting Place,” is hook worthy, and top heavy, absolutely fantastic. “Strung Out,” slows things down, allowing for a moment of reflection before it drives things up a notch on the bluesy scale. “Fay,” a riff monster that takes the listener by the balls and does not let go. “Haunted,” is soulful. “Now Or Never,” drives the monster at full pelt, bringing with it something nearing perfection.

“Outta My Head,” is anthemic, filled with those big choruses that are a staple of the strip, and the Las Vegas showtunes of old. “Soul To Stone,” slows things down again and adds an extra dimension to the melodies and tunes of old. “Alone Again,” is filled with anthemic melodies and a driving chorus. “This Is The Time,” fills things up with great pleasure and takes a turn here and there, before shifting through. “Final Resting Place Reprise,” is a soulful melody mixed together that then flows effortlessly into “Faceplant,” a riff monster.

This masterpiece of an album is out on 6th September via Mighty Music.