“The God Machine,” is a rip roaring sonnet. A deliverance into heavy metal lore. Pounding riffs, soaring vocals, and a darkened vocal line, ensures that this is all there for the taking. “Crucify,” another song that delivers on the thumping realities of pain and deliverance. Ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Thrashed Relentlessly,” is exactly as it says on the can, a brilliant thrash metal song. “Dark Mask (Between Love and Hate),” keeps things entertaining. The melodies play off of one another, taking time to really hit home the point. “Damnation Calling,” a slow, morbid song, that paints the image of an upcoming apocalypse quite vividly.

“Soulhunter,” brings the thunder back. It delivers in strong and particular strides, ensuring that none can quite forget quite what the point is, there is some seriously awesome tripling there. “Buried and Broken,” is a fascinating and darkened song, with an interesting change in momentum and pace. “Lucifer-The Devil Inside,” is a thumping song. It tells the story of the Fallen Angel, and how his revenge shall come to take us all. “Fight, Kill.” Another brilliant display of brutality for all to see. “Life=Love=God Machine,” a rocker to finish things off.

The album is out on 26th April via Rock of Angels Records.