‘Black Bubbling Ooze’ by Starblind


  • Marcus Sannefjord Olkerud / Vocals

  • Björn Rosenblad / Guitar

  • Johan Jonasson / Guitars, Keyboards

  • Daniel Tillberg / Bass

  • Zakarias Wikner / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • One of Us

  • At The Mountains Of Madness

  • Here I Am

  • Crystal Tears

  • The Man Of The Crowd

  • Room 101

  • The Reckoning

  • The Young Man

“One Of Us,” hits the good stuff right from the get go. A solid riff backed up with a sheering vocal performance. It gets the heart racing. A solid delivery of metal.

“At The Mountains Of Madness,” sees more fascinating metal delivered. This time with a slight Iron Maiden tint to things. The guitars harmonised perfectly, whilst the vocals shear and snap in and out of focus with ease.

“Here I Am.” another song that shows off the skills of the band. Guitarists Bjorn Rosenblad and Johan Jonasson really shine through here, their rhythm and lead work is simply phenomenal.

“Crystal Tears,” slows things down, and allows Rosenblad and Jonasson the chance to show off their skills and their ability to shift through from darkness to light. Marcus Olkerud, the vocalist gives one of his best performances on this record, producing a spine tingling vocal performance.

“The Man Of The Crowd,” works the room. A seeing Maiden inspired classic, that shimmers through and rocks out in a new mood.

“Room 101,” pushes things up a notch. Tearing the room and laying something new for all to see.

“The Reckoning,” slows things down, the acoustic guitars providing some fascinating melodies. As things heat up, the guitars and the rhythm section work like a machine to produce something fantastic.

“The Young Man,” gallops along the pathway like a man with a mission. A fitting finale.

The album is out on 31st July.