‘Black Majik Terror’ by Stalker


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Of Steel And Fire

  • Black Majik Terror

  • Sentenced To Death

  • Stalker

  • Holocene’s End

  • Demolition

  • The Cross

  • Iron Genocide

  • Intruder

“Of Steel and Fire,” kicks things off with a blistering one two punch, pushing the boundaries of acceptability and demanding to be heard by all and sundry. The vocals snarl, the guitar riffs scream and the listener is left gasping for more. “Black Majik Terror,” is next on the list. A song that starts with an organ playing a haunting melody that soon melds into a blistering force that is quite frankly unstoppable, is something to behold. “Sentenced To Death,” shreds. It is a song that never stops and never quits. It revels in its ability to push things to the bitter end.

“The Cross,” is another song that slowly shifts the balance of power toward something darker and more reflective. It twists within the guttural sense of time and demolishes any and all resistance to it with some seriously swooping and powerful melodies. “Iron Genocide,” snarls and rips. It is a modern metal rager and will definitely get people moving in the pit, when live shows become a feature once more. “Intruder,” finishes things off, with a terrifying one two soccer punch that captures everything and nothing all at the same time.

The album is out on 30th October via Napalm Records.