‘Thou Shalt Drown In The Blood Of Thy Children’ by Spankraght


  • Spankraght / Vocals and Instrumentation


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Synopsis

  • Reset Mankind

  • Carnivale

  • Hoop

  • Resilient

  • Slaughtered

  • Exodus

“Synopsis,”blurs the lines between chaos and order. It ensures that the listener is immediately hooked into what just might be happening.

“Reset Mankind,” goes in with the big and bombastic synth intro, and the slow dirge on the guitars which brings about some interesting twists and turns. Completely deconstructing the earlier inclinations that the listener may have had.

“Carnivale,” is tech metal at its best. Big hooks and some interesting vocal lines that really bleed into being.

“Hoop,” goes for the big flashy riffs and slowly shifts its tenor and tempo to ensure that the listener is hooked on everything being thrown at them.

“Resilient,” is a snarling monster. Hooked on syncopated rhythms the listener is slowly indoctrinated in the rhymes being spat.

“Slaughtered,” rages and rages hard. Pushing the boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable and turning the screws on everything.

“Exodus,” is a tech metal masterpiece. Combining the riffs with the synths and ensuring that the vocals are huge within the mix. What a finale.

The album is out on 21st February.