‘The Sinner Takes It All’ by South Of Salem


  • Joey  / Vocals

  • Fish / Guitar

  • Kodi / Guitar

  • Dee / Bass

  • Pip / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Let Us Prey

  • The Hate In Me

  • No Plague Like Home

  • Pretty Little Nightmare

  • Made To Be Mine

  • Cold Day In Hell

  • Demons Are Forever

  • Another Nail In My Coffin

  • Severely Yours

  • Dead Hearts Don’t Break

“Let Us Prey,”hits like a cannon. A song that is filled with energy and power, one that is sure to capture the imagination and get moshpits going when performed live.

“The Hate In Me,” is another ripper of a song. That opening riff immediately sets the tone and gets people pumped.

“No Plague Like Home,” slams down hard. The riffs, the rhythm, the swagger all of it combines together to produce something simply spectacular.

“Pretty Little Nightmare,” slowly brings in the power and the groove. It turns on a knife’s edge and then unleashes all.

“Made To Be Mine,” thunders down the track.

“Cold Day In Hell,” brings the power, slamming down hard and ensuring the listener knows just what’s up.

“Demons Are Forever,” slowly works its way into a frenzy, pushing through the line, twisting the knife and then extrapolating from there.

“Another Nail In My Coffin,” works the throttle hard, delivering a pulsating mess.

“Severely Yours,” swaggers.

“Dead Hearts Don’t Break,” finishes things off in style.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 25th September.