‘Black Magic’ by Souls of Tide


  • Vegar Larsen  / Vocals

  • Anders Langberg / Guitar

  • Ole Kristian Ostby / Guitar

  • Tommy Kristiansen / Drums

  • Kjetil Banken / Hammond

  • Øyvind Strõnen Johannesen / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Voodoo Ritual

  • Firegirl

  • Through The Fire

  • Morning Star

  • Black Magic

  • Interlude

  • The Offering

  • Evening Star

“Voodoo Ritual,”starts off proceedings and what a fascinating song it is. The Hammond is immediately present alongside the snake like guitar riff, the vocals are a biting snap to the turn. They bring together a fascinating little shimmy and shake.

“Firegirl,” gets the juicy riffs going from the off. Soon setting up for a shred fest that brings to mind Deep Purple at their most psychedelic. A fantastic song.

“Through The Fire,” crackles with electricity, burning through the sound of light and bringing together an inch of darkness for all to see.

“Morning Star,” is a furious ritual. The guitars come in with a hammering and the vocals seduce the listener with every step they take.

“Black Magic,” goes all in with the funky rock riff. Slowly edging its way through the turn of the tide, it delivers a haunting sonnet that really smacks the listener in the face.

“Interlude,” gets reflective and brings elements of Deep Purple and Pink Floyd together to ensure a collective easing.

“The Offering,” snarls and snaps. There’s a real Perfect Strangers vibe to the song and it really really gets going toward the mid half.

“Evening Star,” brings the fury once more and unleashes chaos. The perfect finisher.

The album is out on 22nd May via Mighty Music