‘Reign Of The Reaper,’ by Sorcerer


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Morning Star,” is an epic opener. A song that drives the moment and pushes through the collective, turning the side of time. The vocals are epic, the guitars are loud and buoyant, the whole band is on fire.

“Reign Of The Reaper,” shimmers through the great beyond. A darkening cascading remnant that tears through the battering of time.

“Thy Kingdom Will Come,” hits the thunderous applause. Shimmering and tilting. A riff monster that hits all the right notes.

“Curse of Medusa,” gallops down toward the cliff edge, hinting at the memories to come. Bringing the savagery and the culpability.

“Unveiling Blasphemy,” hints at darkness within, slowly changing the guard and producing something momentous.

“Break Of Dawn,” hits the tiding of time. A song that slowly sledgehammer’s its way through. Breaking the growing escapade.

The album is out on October 27th via Metal Blade Records.