‘Lamenting Of The Innocent’ by Sorcerer


  • Anders Engberg / Vocals

  • Kristian Niemann / Guitar

  • Peter Hallgren / Guitar

  • Justin Biggs / Bass

  • Richard Evensand / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Persecution (Intro)

  • The Hammer Of Witches

  • Lamenting Of The Innocent

  • Institoris

  • Where Spirits Die

  • Deliverance

  • Age Of The Damned

  • Condemned

  • Dance With The Devil

  • Path To Perdition

“Persecution,”is dark and sinister. An intro like no other, it really sets the tone for this Sorcerer album.

“The Hammer of Witches,” comes in like a battering ram. That opening salvo with the riff and the thunderous drum rhythm sets the tone. The vocals pint a picture of destruction and chaos, really imbuing themselves into the listener.

“Lamenting Of The Innocent,” is Sorcerer at their heaviest and doomiest. The melodies echoing off the song are simply phenomenal. Vocalist Anders Engberg really shines through here.

“Institoris,” is simply excellent. Combining heavy riffs with seductive melodies. A song that weaves in and out of the platform like a serpent seducing its pray. Sorcerer are on form here.

“Where Spirits Die,” takes things to a whole new level. Combining the sharp melodies of yore, with the crushing riffage that has become the bands trademark. An anthemic chorus is the cherry on top.

“Deliverance,” starts off with an acoustic melody that shifts and shapes the platform ahead. It continues down that pathway, adding sprinkles of light melodic heaven, whilst never losing the sinister backdrop.

“Age Of The Damned,” kicks things up several notches. The riffs are blinding here, and the vocals are biting, Sorcerer are in fighting form.

“Condemned,” is sinister. Anders Engberg is simply surreal on this song, reaching new heights previously thought unattainable. The guitars work their way through and around him and ensure the song is simply epic.

“Dance With The Devil,” takes a sharp turn, shifting through the plains of time and unleashing chaos for all to see. A song that combines the Gregorian choir with the punishing riffage of metal.

“Path To Perdition,” is a guitarist’s wet dream. Some of the melodies and leads being pulled out here by Sorcerer are simply phenomenal and ensure that nobody is going home disappointed. The vocals soar on the wings of a dream, and the entire band finishes things on a crescendo.

This heavyweight of an album is out on 29th May via Metal Blade Records. Be sure to get it!