‘Clear Cold Beyond,’ by Sonata Arctica


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“First In Line,” batters the listener into the ground from the get go. A song that immediately captures the attention and shifts through the strands of time.

“Shah Mat,” sets the listener on edge, echoing through the portcullis of memory. Shifting through the deliverance and bringing the chaos unto the fold.

“Cure For Everything,” haunts the edge. Melodies and harmonies come together to deliver the grit of time. Battering the chaos into shape and delivering the goods of time.

“Teardrops,” slows things down and becomes contemplative. A song that edges through the majestic hold of time.

“The Best Things,” hits the edge of the precipice, delivering the morturary of time and complacency.

“Clear Cold Beyond,” is a fitting finale. Eerie and flamboyant, it hits all the right notes and delivers a final sucker punch to the gut.

A phenomenal album out on 8th March via Atomic Fire.