‘By Fire And Brimstone’ by Solitary Sabred


  • Petros Leptos / Vocals

  • Demetris Demetriou / Guitar

  • Nikolas Moutafis / Guitar

  • George Papaioannou  / Bass

  • Fotis Mountouris / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Servants Of The Elder Gods

  • Assassins Of Carthage

  • Disillusions

  • Invoking The Master

  • The Scarlet Citadel

  • Fyres Of Koth

  • Psionic Transmogrification

  • IX

  • Blestem

“Servants Of The Elder Gods,”is bombastic and energetic. A song that really gets the listener hooked on what comes barrelling down the highway toward it. The vocals are filled with a powerful melodical hook that reels the listener in and ensures that they are fascinated by the story being narrated. The band are on fire throughout the song, with the guitars really delivering something special.

“Assassins Of Carthage,” is a bit of a get up and go. A song that twists and turns through the bitter end and delivers a sharp bop on the nose. The vocals once more take centre stage, and ensure the listener knows just where to focus.

“Disillusions,” a song that slowly moves through the measurements. It builds into anticipation, delivering some cross sectioned deliveries and bringing everything through the floating winds of time and death. A song that steadily builds into speed and thrashes itself into pieces on the floor of depravity.

“Invoking The Master,” is simple chaos, a song that moves through the pressures of grace and modernity. The vocals are the standout, really moving through every possible quarter and delivering a smashing of chaos.

“The Scarlet Citadel,” begins with a thunderous bass line, before moving into a snapping narrative. A song that dictates the world view of chaos and the barbarian King as he ventures through the world.

“Fyres of Koth,” barrels into being. Pushing the lines through the fires of doom. The guitars take charge and shape the narrative, ensuring the listener knows just where they’re meant to be pushing and where the headbanging is meant to come in. The vocals are strong once more as well.

“Psionic Transmogrification,” is dark, thunderous and deeply unsettling. A song that really conjures up of hellfire. A perfect mixture of soaring vocals and despondent melodies, alongside a galloping guitar tone that really pushes things to their extreme.

“IX,” is a mixture of confusing and bar brawl.

“Blestem,” goes for the long haul. Cold, melancholic and somewhat haunting tones are mixed together with a purifying tone that shrilly manifests itself. As the song progresses the fury of the world is unleashed and the listener is greeted with something magical and terrifying in equal measure.

The album is out on 13th March via No Remorse Records.