‘Something On Me’ by Snowy White and The White Flames


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Something On Me

  • Another Blue Night

  • Another Life

  • Get Responsible

  • Cool Down

  • Ain’t Gonna Lean On You

  • It’s Only The Blues

  • Commercial Suicide

  • I Wish I Could

  • Whiteflames Chill

  • One More Traveller

Snowy White, the legendary guitarist, returns with a brand spanking new album.

With songs such as “Something On Me,” “Another Blue Night,” and “Another Life,” one can tell quite quickly that the maestro has not lost any of his golden touch and indeed seems to have gained a few things over the past few years.

This is further exemplified on songs such as “Ain’t Gonna Lean On You,” and “It’s Only The Blues,” where the subtle tempos are matched with the big flourishes which have come to define the big man.

Finally, “Whiteflames Chill,” and “One More Traveller,” finish things up.

A phenomenal album that is due for release on October 9th.