“Ilian of Garathorm,” shifts and shapes. Producing something that snarks and howls with the wind. The band sound in fine form here, and the vocals truly soar with energy and light. “The Swordwoman,” is brutal. Electrifying and brutal. So much awesomeness in one song should be illegal. “Bastard Steel,” shimmers, shakes and roars with energy and grace. It delivers a thundering push and soon enough ensures the light has come.

“Voyage Of The Sunchaser,” slowly builds up, the drums pound the shit out of the listener’s ear, and then the melodical elements come pulling in. “Shadowy Sisterhood,” doom metal added into the complex narratives around gallop and headbanging cartel. “Black Gods Kiss,” is a testament to the awesomeness of this band. It shows off the skills and intricate links and licks.

The album is out on 26th April via Cruz del Sur Music.