‘Dream Quest Ends’ by Smoulder


  • Sarah Ann / Vocals

  • Shon Vincent / Guitar

  • Collin Wolf / Guitar

  • Adam Blake / Bass

  • Kevin Hester / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Dream Quest Ends

  • Warrior Witch Of Hell

  • Cage Of Mirrors (Manilla Road Cover)

  • Sword Woman (Demo)

  • Voyage Of The Sunchaser (Demo)

  • The Queen Is Gone (Demo)

Off the back of a highly impressive 2019, Smoulder return, this time with a poignant E.P. entitled Dream Quest Ends.

“Dream Quest Ends,” the title track of this record, is vibrant and filled with energy. The riffs radiate charisma and charm. The vocals are sharp and to the point, ensuring the listener is instantly engaged.

“Warrior Witch Of Hell,” smears the ground with blood and grime. It continues on the path of pure epicness that the band have become known for over the course of the year.

“Cage of Mirrors,” a cover of a Manilla Road song is flawlessly executed.

“Sword Woman,” a demo is filled with vibrancy, demonstrating that even in the raw, this is a band that is worth every penny.

“Voyage Of The Sunchaser,” is filled with slow moving bass grooves, that direct the flow this way and that, with strong vibes of Sabbath, they make their mark.

“The Queen Is Gone,” is epic.

This E.P. is out on 13th March via Cruz Del Sur Music.