‘Cipher’ by SL Theory


  • Mike Karasoulis  / Vocals

  • Alex Flouros / Guitar

  • Giannis Nigdelis / Guitars

  • Manos Gavalas  /  Keyboards

  • Chris Kollias / Bass

  • Sotiris Lagonikas / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Life And Death of Mr Ess

  • You Never Happened

  • Devil’s Suites

  • Tables Turned

  • Grave Danger

  • Anyone, Anymore

  • If You Saw Me Dead

  • Silence and Loneliness

  • A Song About Nothing

  • Happy

“Life And Death of Mr Ess,”takes things down a new route immediately. The guitars and piano work together quite nicely, creating a discordance that allows the listener to begin thinking through what is happening and where it has come from.

“You Never Happened,” gets heavier, shifting the tone slightly, with joint harmonies and a rolling line that takes a turn here and there.

“Devil’s Suites,” rolls off the bottom, and the joint harmony right at the beginning is perfectly executed.

“Tables Turned,” is a roller, that shifts and changes with the wind, bringing together a new element of patience.

“Grave Danger,” rolls it around and turns the screws ever so slightly, making the world twist and turn on the knife edge.

“If It Wasn’t For You,” brings some fascinating changes. The melodies are darker, more reflective and more pronounced.

“Anyone, Anymore,” is haunting and surreal. Turning through the page, and allowing the vocals to truly get going. It brings something new and reflective into the greatness of the wider space.

“If You Saw Me Dead,” takes on the harder edge, working the sides and bringing things together. There’s a haunting edge to everything that is just on point.

“Silence and Loneliness,” gets more morgueish and turns throughout on the back of the piano lines.

“A Song About Nothing,” soars and swelters.

“Happy,” takes a bluesy tinge and finishes things off nicely.

The album is out on 6th December via Rock of Angels Records.