‘Dark Rivers, White Thunder’ by Skyliner


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Break The Surface,” gets the blues all up and around. It turns the subtle incantations and breathes life into being.

“Dark Rivers, White Thunder,” then kicks things off properly. It is a thunderous song and one that captures perfectly the intent of the band. Swanning around with growing swagger and patience for the world to know.

“God With No Heaven,” swans through the darkened skies with perfect grace and rage. Turning the ground into darkness and light.

“The Singing Shaman,” hits the chord with perfection, turning through the tide and demanding relief and darkness.

“Bleed,” brings the heavy bass, turning the listener inside out and demanding to be heard through the turning of the chimes.

“I Walk Alone,” is the grand finale. A song that captures everything that the band is about. Subtle vocal variations, pronounced variants of turning riffs and melody all for a glorious eight minutes.