“In Styx Embrace,” sets things up quite nicely, with a fuzzy introduction that gradually progresses into something darker and heavier. Orchestral arrangements dance throughout the song shifting and turning it into something fascinating and awe inspiring. “Into The Night,” shifts and turns with the piano melodies, allowing the vocals to truly shine through. “Love Like Cyanide,” has a fascinating piano intro, the vocals are inspiring, and you can just tell that this song is going to be an anthem. “Desire,” shifts and turns on a whim, the guitars filter in nicely, adding some extra depth and grit to the tale being weaved by the vocals. “Asphyxia,” another song that grooves and shimmers, bringing with it something of intent and darkness. “Queen of Lies,” a song that weaves tales of light and darkness together whilst also bringing together a fascinating melody.

“Nos Hueres Sombres,” a song that is both chaotic and also driving, filtered through a heavy chorus and riff making talent. “The Voyage,” a riff biter, with pulsating rhythms and darkness interwoven together. “Aerodyne,” another truly fascinating song that grits and bites with added power and snarl. “The Twilight Hour,” a song that brings with it energy and might. “Glowing Embers,” slowly shifts down this way and that, bringing acoustic energy and hammered fist pumping melodies.

The album is out on 26th October via Napalm Records.