‘Edge Of The World’ by Silvera


  • Michael Krogh, Thisted / Vocals and Guitar

  • Simon Nilsson Krabbesmark, Skive / Guitar

  • Rasmus Lindegård Hovde, Nykøbing M / Bass

  • Jens Gade, Nykøbing M / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Alive

  • Something Else

  • Edge Of The World

  • No Air

  • Everything We Are

  • Generation Z

  • Light In Life

  • The Reckoning

  • Filling The Void

  • On My Feet

  • Promise

“Alive,”is a thunderous opener. The riffs are fat, the vocals are on point and the melodies are groovy. A song that is sure to catch the listener’s attention from the first note. The perfect opener.

“Something Else,” is filled with swagger, that opening riff knocks the stuffing out of you. The first verse starts a subtle shifting pattern, combining soaring vocal melodies with a mixture of powerful guitar melodies and soft tones.

“Edge Of The World,” the title track of the album fills the speakers with some powerful introductory riffs, merging together with a soaring melody to drive home the point that this is a band that is filled with ambitions and skill.

“No Air,” is a riff monster. It throws down hard, getting the blood pumping and demanding to be heard. A fantastic song.

“Everything We Are,” slows things down. The vocals bring about a reflective atmosphere, driving the day and pushing for some reflective thinking that comes together for a final flourish.

“Generation Z,” is a metalhead’s paradise. Those introductory riffs are fat and filled with passion and energy. Then there are the vocal melodies that mix together with the swaggering verse riffs to bring the listener a song that is sure to get them moving along.

“Light In Life,” is filled with swagger. A song that just asks for some serious groove and gets it in spades.

“The Reckoning,” is filled with flourishes and twists. A song that delivers an impressive shift in thinking from the band to capture a specific melody and moment, delivering that in full.

“Filling The Void,” keeps the punishing tempo up, delivering with added melodical flourishes to produce something that is quite phenomenal.

“On My Feet,” gets reflective, encouraging the listener to contemplate before pushing toward the finishing line.

“Promise,” drives the day, shattering illusions and delivering something that sounds like a mix between Volbeat and Metallica. A fitting finale for this incredible debut.

The album is out on 16th October via Mighty Music.