Silent Winter, another stellar heavyweight of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal-try saying that three times really fast- have released an absolute gem of an album here.

“Infernum,” is dramatic and slightly over the top, it produces something awe inspiring and chilling. “Soul Reaper,” takes the cake, delivering a sizeable punch to the face, to ensure that the listener knows just where things are heading. “Warriors of The Sun,” takes a turn and a twist, slowly shifting through the winds and ensuring that the listener is hooked along with them. “Follow The Night,” really takes the cake here, it shifts through the boundaries of time and space, allowing an engrossing narrative to be shaped and brought about. “Final Storm,” simply seismic in its scope and reach.

“Time Has Come,” slowly brings about the edge and the defiance that the listener has come to expect. It weaves the tale into the listener’s head and ensures it stays there. “Silent Cry,” slows things down and then speeds them up again, producing something simply bombastic and epic. “Keeper Of The Light,” bounds on the up down and continues through the circular motions. “Circles Of Hell,” continues the darkened descent.

The album is out now.