Conquest For What is a riff heavy song that gets things going, with might and power, driving the day and ensuring the listener is instantly perked. For The Pain snarls and bites, with equal intensity. Bulldozing Skulls is a slower, more haunting and brooding song, built on the back of a powerful riff. Born Into Hate is a thrashing masterpiece, divined from a solid one -two delivery. Torture Lab contains the powerful intuition and darkness of previous songs. Uglification is fast and powerful. Trapped and Blinded comes pounding into the way. Diatribe does the thundering and the pulsating. Warning Blast continues the track record, ensuring that the whirlwindSefv continues, snarling and dancing around the edges, and ensuring that nothing gets forgotten. Mushroom Cloud Altar snarls and dances around like a mad man.

Lost and Insane comes blaring out with the one two, channelling anger and rage and turning it into a catchy melody. Bleeding For The Cause moves and pulsates in time with the rhythm, bringing anger and rage to a whole new level. Escalation Till Extermination is slow moving, brooding, and filled with rapturous metal. Privileged Prick takes the piss, and lays it all out in the metal. Short Fuse is another monster, big riffs, and fat vocals. Violence In The Air continues dancing down the track, producing one big hit after another. It Will Never Happen dances around the coast, producing one sleight of hand and then another. The Cold Room dances around the edges, producing another fascinating dip into subreality, and boy is it an interesting dip. Servant of Nothing is a snarling, roaring, and face biting masterpiece. Mushroom Cloud Altar dances and infuriates with its hooks and jams.

The album is out on 7th September via Metal Blade Records.