Blaring into action with the title track which has one of the heaviest and most head bang worthy of all riffs, it is clear from the get go that the band means business. There is swagger within the song and direction that would be quite enviable to some. Taking My Life Back starts ominously, with the guitars and drums creating distorted melodies, before the riff kicks in and the anthem that this song is, is represented through big pounding lyrical content and solid guitars. Fort Knox has some serious groove and metal within it, the riffs are precise down to the T. Y.O.P.B is filled with swagger, groove and something else, a talkative measure and some serious balls. Blaming The Kremlin dances, shakes and grooves, biting and shifting through, with some very fitting social commentary in the lyrics. The Bandwagon Syndrome is filled with swagger, groove and some nail biting riffs. Shooting Slugs is chaotic, frantic and downright mesmeric. A real headbanger.

Human Hand Grenade is blistering in its commentary and deliverance. Stereotypical would not be out of place on a Pantera record with groove, swagger, and bite. Tony Iommi is a classic sludger tune, that is befitting considering the person of whom the song is about. I am The Silver Bullet is filled with riffs, melody and carnage, a true metal anthem. Bastardise the World has more social commentary with slabs of metal meat added on to ensure a true metal anthem. Twist Of The Knife is fast and furious a fitting closer.

The album is out on 24th August via Mighty Music.