‘Pitchfork Justice’ by Shatter Brain


  • Tom Santamaria  / Vocals

  • Ryan Quarrington / Drums

  • Matt Disisto / Guitar

  • Jack Hartley / Guitar

  • Pat Callaghan / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Talk In Fear

  • Lorem Ipsum

  • Pitchfork Justice

  • Choosing Beggars

  • Fencesitter

  • Noble Savagery

  • Silent Screams

  • Life Ephemeral

  • Death Goes On

“Talk In Fear,”is a grinder of a song. One that really shows off the capabilities of the band within the first minute or so. The riffs are pristine and on fire, whilst the vocals snarl with accumulated anger.

“Lorem Ipsum,” turns the screws on the listener and shifts the heaviness backward and forward. Eventually, there’s a shattering of expectations and the culmination of everything comes forth.

“Pitchfork Justice,” snarls with brutality and ensures that the mentality is brought forth into the growing stones of heaviness.

“Choosing Beggars,” snarls and swaggers through.

“Fencesitter,” turns the dial up considerably and moshes the fuck out.

“Noble Savagery,” crackles with energy and slowly but surely lets loose to terrify everyone with its intensity.

“Silent Screams,” snarls into the darkness, slowly but surely delivering the world into chaotic turmoil.

“Life Ephemeral,” is slow moving and thoughtful.

“Death Goes On,” finishes the onslaught with brutality.

The album is out on 1st May.