‘Emerald Seas’ by Seven Spires


  • Adrienne Cowan / Vocals and Keyboards

  • Jack Kosto / Guitar

  • Peter De Reyna / Bass

  • Chris Dovas / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Igne Defendit

  • Ghost Of A Dream

  • No Words Exchanged

  • Every Crest

  • Unmapped Darkness

  • Succumb

  • Drowned Of Worlds

  • Silver Moon

  • Bury You

  • Fearless

  • With Love From The Other Side

  • The Trouble With Eternal Life

  • Emerald Seas

Newcomers Seven Spires continue to impress on their fascinating new album Emerald Seas.

“Igne Defendit,” opens things up and is haunting and slightly terrifying. It definitely sets the mood for the rest of the album.

“Ghost Of A Dream,” shreds. It is a pure ball of energy. Bringing with it all sorts of twists and turns that ensure the listener is hooked from the beginning.

“NO Words Exchanged,” slowly builds into something grand and fascinating. It works its way through the time and space continuum and ensures the listener is hooked.

“Every Crest,” barrels into being. Delivering a sharp onslaught to the senses, and brimming with chaos and energy.

“Unmapped Darkness,” allows the vocals to truly come to the fore to take centre stage. A song that is truly beautifully executed.

“Succumb,” is heavy and bold. Taking new approaches to melodic execution, it allows the listener to fully emerge themselves in something brand new and exciting.

“Drowner of Worlds,” is heavy and dark. Haunting the pathways of the mind, the song slowly grows into destruction.

“Silvery Moon,” brings a heavy dose of melody and charm back to the fore. It allows the listener to fully digest what’s going on around them, and to appreciate the subtleties and turns of the vocals.

“Bury You,” slowly grows into a furnace. It has a nice dip and dive here and there, and is just pure epicness from start to finish.

“Fearless,” is heaviness incarnate, slowly working its way into being and demonstrating some serious grit.

“With Love From The Other Side,” works into being and slowly shifts the conversation.

“The Trouble With Eternal Life,” is thoughtful, reflective and in some places downright dark.

“Emerald Seas,” finishes things off magically.

A phenomenal album that is out on February 14th via Frontiers Music.