‘Lifeblood’ by Secret Sphere


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Shaping Reality,” kicks off proceedings with an intriguing one-two that gets the listener’s heart rate going in preparation for what’s to come.

“The End Of An Ego,” takes that feeling and amplifies it by ten, hitting heights not previously seen. Everything moves in tandem, touching on the golden purse and delivering the listener into passion.

“Alive,” works the audience, turning them into putty. The band then finish the job with perfect melodies and grace, running through the gamut of time and space, hitting the whirlpool and growing through the darkness.

“Thank You,” delves into an intriguing situation whereby the listener is given an intricate set of melodies and turns to the whirlpool of time.

“Solitary Fight,” hits the rhythm and never stops. The guitars shred and the listener is caught into the whirlpool of entertainment and joy.

“The Lie We Love,” finishes things off with passion and grace, hinting at something more to come or something to whirl the wind.

The album is out on 12th March via Frontiers Music.