‘Leviathan’ by Second To Sun


  • Gleb Sysoev / Vocals

  • Max Sysoev / Bass

  • Theodor Borovski / Drums

  • Vladimir Lehtinen / Guitar


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Eerie

  • Marsch der Wolfe

  • The Emperor In Hell

  • I Psychoanalyze My Ghosts

  • Shaitan

  • The Engraving Of Gustav Doré

  • Leviathan

  • Black Death, Spirits and Werewolves

  • November

“Eerie,”starts proceedings off, and is like the rapture come early. Bringing together dissonant rhythms and powerful, driving melodies, it hits hard and captures the attention.

“Marsch der Wolfe,” is another terrifyingly brilliant song. One that drives the day and demands attention, built on the back of a brutal riff and a soaring vocal line.

“The Emperor In Hell,” is chaotic, frenetic and downright terrifying in spots. The song mixes together different elements to deliver the hellscape.

“I Psychoanalyze My Ghosts,” is haunting and ethereal.

“Shaitan,” is a battering ram to the face. A song that delivers a screaming ode to hell.

“The Engraving Of Gustave Doré,” slams down hard. Twisting the knife and producing something chaotic.

“Leviathan,” the title track is a chaotic windspell of madness.

“Black Death, Spirits and Werewolves,” shimmers down the line, turning and twisting through the thoroughfare.

“November,” snarls and bites, finishing the album off in style.

The album is out on 29th September