‘Thee Indomitable Spirit’ by ScreamKing


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Thee Indomitable Spirit,” snarls through, twisting and hitting the strips, pushing the listener through the tumultuous tempest and enticing the listener for all and sundry.

“Caligula,” slams hard. Pushing things to their natural conclusion. Riffage that captures the imagination, vocal lines that turn and twist, hinting at much and delivering more.

“Unleashing The Deamon,” hammers home. A riff that gets the listener to move their head in unison, powering through the darkness and unfilching the mind.

“Tecmusas Revenge,” slithers and gallops. A song that turns and twists through the battering ram of time.

“Spirit In White,” slowly works its way through, twisting and turning, slithering into the workaround.

“Blood Lust,” hammers home, twisting and snarling.

“Science of Your Violence,” runs the gamut and hinters and hunters.

The album is out on June 25th.