‘Bloodking’ by Scream Maker


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Mirror, Mirror,” hits the hammer hard. Pressing forward and driving the day, delivering the guttural gut punch that twists the bowels of time.

“BloodKing,” hits the target, an serious epic that moves within the growing confines of the twisted landscape.

“End Of The World,” slams down through the forethought and brings the magical potions of time to life.

“Scream Maker,” takes the turn forward, hitting the stranglehold and unleashing chaos.

“Join The Mob,” delves deeply within the contortion of time, breaking the seals and hitting something intriguing.

“Powerlust,” hits the hammer hard and fast.

“Petrifier,” shimmers and shifts, turning the grooves.

“Brand New Start,” turns the leverage forward.

The album is out on 9th December via Frontiers Music.